Frequently Asked Questions

Cirque has a strict door policy, what does it mean?

Strictly 18+ and everyone must be able to provide a Passport, Photo ID or a Driving's Licence. Part of the condition of entry is that you agree to a search on arrival and leaving the venue. It's part of our licence's conditions so if you refuse to be searched you will not be allowed to enter the club and if you refuse the exit search we will have to detain you and the police will be called. If you are found to be in possession of illegal substances or a weapon then the Police will also be called.

What do you accept as a valid ID?

Passport, Photo ID & Driving's Licence.

Do you have a dress code?

Smart - Casual.

How do I book a booth?

For bookings call 020 7739 3440 or e-mail

I lost an item, what should I do?

Please call 020 7739 3440 or e-mail

Is there disabled access?

No, however you can go to our sister venue Cargo.

Can I take photos at the club?

Yes as long as it's not disturbing anyone and the pictures are not commercially used.

Is the venue available for private hire?

Yes - Cirque's available for private hire.

For corporate events contact: 020 7739 3440 or e-mail

For music events contact: 020 7613 2201 or e-mail

Do you have any deals for birthdays at Cirque?

Please see under 'menu' section we have the 'birthday packages'. For more info contact: 020 7739 3440 or e-mail

How do I get a job working for Cirque?

Cirque is always looking for bright & hard-working people to join the team. Please e-mail your CV to or hand it in to a manager in the venue.

How do I become a resident DJ?

Cirque is always looking for talented Resident DJ's. Please e-mail your biography, social media links & commercially viable mixtape to